Movin’ N’ Groving

Hello again beautiful people,
Our move in day was hectic, the night before I could not sleep at all, I was just to excited, Everytime I laid down I would start running some kind of list through my head, or imagining what was to come.

So, after going to bed sometime after 4:30 a.m. I then woke up at 6:30 a.m. and Kristy and I began loading her paws Blazer with our stuff. from there it was Walmart, Then it was to sign the lease, get keys and go start carrying stuff up stairs. between work, grocery shopping, hauling things up to the apartment and just a general lack of sleep, I felt like a confused walker (or Zombie for you non TWD fans.)

Doing Laundry is a trick now, but I can’t bring myself to be upset. we were gonna do laundry at the friend’s house that was keeping our stuff for us, but we have tons of laundry right now (trying to scrub away any & all nastiness of our former “home”) so I didn’t wanna take my toats over there and risk bringing back more roaches.

So, I did laundry in our bath tub, and turned our spare room into a drying room for now, the heats way up for that room and I’ve got a fan going.

This is…not the best thing to do, and not all of our clothes will be washed this way, but we don’t have enough money to wash everything at the laundry matt, Luckily we’ll be able to do regular laundry matt trips after this.

*Tip* Buy Clorox color saver, Kristy got the scented kind and I’ve been letting clothes soak in it, my poor owl rug that was almost black is saved! and it hasn’t left bleach stains on even our black uniforms.

I really didn’t sleep much the second night either, too much to do on my mind. I ended up unpacking and even doing some decorating, washing 2 boxes of dishes and just generally making myself comfy. So far I have few things I dislike about the apartment, here’s my list.

The fridge isn’t getting cold enough on the bottom.
The hot water only lasts 10 minutes.

For the things I love I’ll give you pictures:
Coat & Shoe closet by front door.

Rooms are big.

Bathroom sink Knobs & doors

kitchen sink sprayer

Hard wood floors
(best for pets & messy adults).

Can I just say…after 4 months of only having can food, and some junk food, it was so nice to go into a grocery store and just get some eggs.

Don’t take your fridge for granted.

I missed cooking so much, I’ve always been the type to make meals slowly, to take pride in what I cook. Our first breakfast was cheesy green onion egg cups, and while they were pretty good for my first try, I definitely know what I will do different next time.

while we are changing our diets a-lot just by cutting out Burger King & pop, we can’t start our no bread and potato diet yet. Finding bread substitutions isn’t hard, but it can get expensive, hopefully our next trip to the grocery store we can start though.

So far I’ve made cream cheese and Bell pepper wontons, Spinach stuffed chicken with cheesy potatoes slices, and a rice and veggies mix.

Of course even as organized and efficient as I tried to be at the store, I didn’t get simple things like cereal, or sandwich stuff. The only quick heat up thing I did get was a chicken bacon ranch pizza, so..yeah.

It’s been so nice to shave and clean myself, to know that after I scrub down the kitchen with bleach I can go wash off.

But…When I tried to brush my hair the first day, I realized the Knott’s are..they’re just impossible. I have a bunch of small Knott’s, but there are 3 big balls of tangled rat nest like things.

I decided to deep condition my hair, something I haven’t done my way in almost a year. At first I really thought I was just gonna have to cut it off, But after an hour of headache causing brushing, my hair was mine again! Now I have a sign in the bathroom reminding me to brush my damn hair.

I went through 3 crappy disposable razors shaving! Kristy joked that we were gonna need draino first thing cause of my hair 😂.

I’ve been trying to drink water+mixes at least 5 of these bottles a day, I’m not much for water..honestly I sip at most things. But I’m doing my best.

Keira seems very happy, I think she automatically knew it was ours, she’s moved with us a-lot, and our stuff was here before we brought her.

She loves our bed, and goes to different doors every so often to nudge or paw at them just so she can look around. We are a bit nervous about leaving her here alone, she’s always either had me with her, or we’ve lived with someone so she’s had the habit of howling at the building. I love Keira, and we’ve given up plenty of homes for her, but if we get in trouble and they threaten to kick us out because of her we’re gonna have to find her a new home, this breaks my heart.

She’s been my baby, my best friend, my protector. When I didn’t work she would help me clean, we would spend our days walking and exploring.

But at this point if we lose this place we would be in a tent, and we’ve already had a night in the 20’s so it would be life threatening for all 3 of us. I love Keira, and all though I’ve always said we would stay together, if it comes to that, getting her a new home would be what’s best for her, and as her mommy, it’s my job to do just that.

So, Kristy and I sat down sunday night, after trying to leave Keira in the apartment while we sat on the steps (She howled and wined the whole 30 minutes) And decided that we were gonna try a tip we found online, getting some thing warm and fuzzy for her to cuddle.

So we’re gonna try getting a kitten, a young one so it will be easier to train, and because in the past Keira has been a little testy with older cats, while she loves kittens.

We’re also hoping this will help her mothering instinct (she treats her stuffed animals like babies.) I headed back to work, refreshed, recharged and ready to dig in, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my babbling, stay tuned for more. ~Shaunna


Mad Monday Kids Dressed as Adults

Hey there, I bet you thought this was gonna be about preteens in crop tops and full make up huh? Nope. This is a rant about those people, you know, the incredibly in mature, irresponsible, and attitude full men and women that often make their children cringe.

First of all, living with your parents as an adult is only ok in a few situations

1. If you and your parents have a happy and healthy relationship & agree that it’s best for the both of you to share a home.

2. If your working but still cannot afford to live on your own for whatever reason.

3. If you or your parents have a medical condition that requires in home care, or help with bills.

4. If your trying to get back on your feet.

There I’m sure are the few situations in between which make it ok, but if your a middle aged man or woman that just doesn’t really try to work, or get your own place, grow the fuck up.

Mommy and Daddy aren’t sitting at home waiting for you to run in and sit down at the table for a hot meal while they do your laundry. They have lives, and although they may miss you, if your old enough to live on your own then I think it’s time you maybe cook for them? Perhaps mow the grass? See if they need something done. (Unless you have parents like mine, then you know, RUN AWAY!!)

More than that, if you do work, and your blowing your money on bull shit instead of getting your act together, Shame On You!

I know a 42 year old man that literally just drives around all day doing half ass yard work to pay for pot, which he secretly smokes in the back bedroom of his parents home, with his on again off again fiance and their 3 dogs. These 3 dogs are also living there, often they’re left for the parents to watch. He barrows gas money, doesn’t do anything around the house, and argues with them constantly.

He makes no attempts to get a job, says he can’t because he can’t handle people, he’ll fly off the handle. he can’t keep up with bills when he does have a home, doesn’t clean or keep up with anything, and often leaves before he’s even fully unpacked.

This same man runs his mouth, literally just talks all the time, compleat nonsense.
For example when we were talking about moving into a different place I said
“Anthony told me they had 4 apartments open”
He said, loudly of course
“Oh, yeah I didn’t know Anthony still works there, that old man that owns it died.”
Anthony doesn’t work there, he lives there, and the old man is still alive, we talked to him the next day. But it’s not worth correcting.

This man is unfortunately our usual ride to the grocery store, doctor and so on (Before moving into town) He’s usually 3 hours late, doesn’t have enough time to do what you need to do, and constantly trys to change your plans.

Friday he was asked to bring Kristy’s mom to us at her Nanny’s and drop her off to drive the Blazer for Kristy while we moved. That’s all, just drop her off. Literally not 20 minutes after FALLOWING US INTO TOWN He calls in Walmart for Alice, I wasn’t with her, so he went to the front and had them call her up. He complained of his arm going numb, said he needed a driver, but when she said he needed to go to the hospital he said his dog (which we asked him not to bring because it’s complicated to do a bunch of running with a dog in the car) Jumped on it in the car.

He made excuses like this all day, questioned everything we we’re doing, suggested we do it another day over and over.

Then at the end of all of it, with Kristy and I sleep deprived, after working and moving and rushing, he said he was just so tired…He needed to get home right away. He literally got out of the car twice.

This man child, is funny, creative, and sometimes nice to talk to…But someone needs to get him a play pin and a diaper and just keep him outa the way.

That’s all.

Big Roaches In A Small Town

I have roaches. I have roaches. I FUCKING HAVE ROACHES!!!

I cried. Not gonna lie guys. I balled my eyes out. We get our things from a friend’s house, where Kristy’s mom also stored some dishes she gave us, we take it all home, everything seems fine, and an hour later I see one..We move the legs of the weird foldy dinning table and 2 run away.


I’ve cleaned like crazy and smacked everyone I see. I really really hope we can get rid of these fast.


Now the roach wars begin. They will die! They will all die or flea my wrath!!

Thinking Myself To Death

Hello again, welcome back to my random writing, where I cuss and weave my way to some kind of point, hopefully.

I have a problem. I think to much. Like..think of every detail, for any possible situation, until I’m already bored with it when it’s finally there.

Lately, I’ve had 1 strange idea, and I guess it stems from my surroundings. My wife’s family is..well they’re…

Kristy’s paw and Nanny live in…a little house\trailor type thing..sunk into mud, surrounded by falling shacks, trapped by trash, and chickens.

They are very hard working, Kristy’s Nanny’s legs haven’t worked in over a year, yet she’s sitting here right now, hammering cans for a trash bag. She prepares food here, washes clothes..sleeps, eats…

All around her are bags and boxes of her belongings, I worry it’s gonna fall in on her. The windows and walls are filthy, the one I see now only reveals strange orange light, and black smudges.

This place is all disgusting. The toilet is worse than any public Porter potty disaster I’ve ever seen, they heat yellow smelly water on the stove to bath with, in a grimy tub hidden in a bathroom where the walls have holes and let in chills.

I can’t bring myself to be here for more than a few minutes, it makes me want to cry. I want so badly to clean for her, but everyone knows better, even unable to walk she’s scary.

So often, this is what I’m overthinking. The step by step work that would be cleaning up this place, and making it safe for this kind, tenacious old woman, whom I’ve come to love.

It’s the Little Things

Hello Hello, how are you today? You know, lately I’ve heard people replying with something that I say pretty often also “I’m here.”

What does this mean?

For me it means “I don’t want to admit that I’m crumbling mentally and emotionally, but I also don’t wanna lie and say I’m good…I showed up though, so do I get a gold star?”

Is that what everyone else means?

Today, I wanted to talk about..well the little disgusting things that are currently my life.

Before moving into…our car/tent/shack, I was the type who showered twice a day, had used herbal essence since I was twelve, put Noxema on every night, kept my home organized and clean…I was never skinny, but I have usually been active, and Abit of a busy body.

Well, ladies, let me start with the horrifying truth of my hygiene and beauty, or lack there of.

  • Being clean. First of all, sharing a space with another person that’s so small is hard, and for us add in another dog, there’s sweat and breathing on each other and just…yeah, I’ma stop there. When we had a car, we went almost everyday to shower at a friend’s house, but still, constantly being in a small space, surrounded by mud and trash (thanks neighbors) doesn’t make you feel clean when you lay down at night. Now, without a car, it’s near impossible to go somewhere to shower, so we heat water for baths in a 1 gallon jug, this is not much water, especially if you have hair. So you get to stand on the porch, use a little water to wet yourself, and then scrub and rinse off. That gallon goes fast. What’s even worse about this right now is even getting water is hard, we really just go to work and back. So, being compleats honest, we bath about every 3 days…Yes, let that sink in. We work, sweat, and stink for 3 days. It’s torture. Baby wipes can kind of help, but nothing can truly replace a hot shower.
  • Hair. I have average length hair that is extremely thick, and frizzy, in order to brush it I need a lot of conditioner. Well, if just washing my body takes 1 gallon, add about another half for my hair. So what do I do? Wash it like every 2 weeks, never brush it and just continuously pile it on top of my head in a messy bun. Yeah..Headaches, dandruff and humungous knots.
  • Skin You would assume my skin is broke out right? But it’s more than that. After using Noxema every night since I was 16, my skin has rebelled at it’s absence, it’s oily, I get dried dead skin on my nose all the time, and of course, the break outs.
  • Bathroom. What bathroom? Up until 2 weeks ago we went on the ground. Yes, just outside where you constantly fear someone’s watching you. Go pee half asleep, you may pee on yourself. Make sure you hit grass cause if not your pee will splash up and hit your legs. Hold your poops. Please please, just squish your butt cheeks together and wait till you go to work! Before this I almost never pooped in a public place…Lucky me, always trying new things, like a camp toilet! They are disgust. Change the bag after each use, cause it smells worse later.

My body is hairy, dry, my feet are cracked, my hair is bairly hair at all anymore. My nails are chipped and broken, my eyes have bags that have bags, and random body break outs just don’t even concern me anymore.

So, before you decide not to let a friend falling on hard times stay on your couch, or in your spare room, because it could be inconvenient to you, just remember, it takes some unforseen happening for you to be where I now am. It however can take a long time to build yourself back up.

And now, thank the Gods it’s bath day!


How We Have Been Living & What Is To Come

Good Morning World! I hope your waking up to a day your excited for. It’s hard to really find a reason to get pumped to get up, and I’m the type that when I’am excited about something, I have a hard time going to sleep, my mind just races with ideas and rethinking how it will go.

But let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to be truly wound up for.

Anyways, I wanted to share today, how and why we have been, maybe homeless?

So, Over a year ago my wife and I were in a car accident, she walked away with a terrible bruise from her seat belt, but mine didn’t keep me from hitting the dash, I ended up breaking my right arm, pooping a bone out of place in it also causing me to get a plate and 9 bolts, and I broke my collar bone on the left side.

The surgery for my arm caused nerve damage, 2 fingers were dislocated, and for a while I had a hard time even writing.

I did try to have a job about 7 months after all of it, but ended up leaving after doing something I had done a million times before made my arm swell and left me in a lot of pain.

So fast forward to July of 2018, my wife is the only one working a minimum wage job, and almost her whole pay check goes to a loan we had to put on our car to pay rent. This is while we’re living at my parents who asked us to move in, I baby sat a lot for them.

Our loan payment is 400 a month, and that’s only interest, none of it pays off the loan. When we first left, we lived in our car, a Chevy equinox, which wasn’t terrible, there was room for us and our dog to sleep in the back, most of our stuff fit..but still paying that much was keeping us from doing anything to really help ourselves.

So, at this point we pitched a tent. We had been parking at my wife’s Nanny’s property, and we found a little hole between hills to make our own while we tried to sell the car. People told me when it rained it turned into a river, so I dug a ditch.

This did not help at all. It rained one day, and half of our stuff just washed away.

We did eventually sell the car, and Kristy’s mom let us use hers, thankfully we only spent a week in it, cause it was cramped.

If you slept in the back, you had sore knees, if you slept upfront your feet and ankles swelled.

After a while her brother let us move into his building, A small unisilated shed, with no electric, which we’ve been waiting for someone to come take away from us the entire time.

Not to mention her mom’s car didn’t have insurance, so the plates were cancelled and we can’t drive it.

This is the reality of our situation

  • Kristy’s Nanny’s water is terrible, it’s yellow and smells, and her house it filthy. So we have to get jugs of water for everything, and go somewhere else to shower. Without a car, people won’t take us to shower really, so most of our baths are just quick out on the porch.
  • Up until 2 weeks ago, we’ve been going to the bathroom just outside..
  • We can’t really cook here, we have one burner, doing dishes needs a lot of water, and nothing ever really feels clean here.
  • Our drive way is compleat mud, walking up or down it is like, it’s own battle.
  • My bedding is rarely washed, it’s hard enough to wash regular clothes, we can’t afford to wash our bedding, and doing it at some elses house means an entire day there, we usually work almost everyday.
  • Weather is a huge part of life. Winter smacked us in the face and left us freezing for nearly a week before we could get a kerosene heater.
  • I love Kristy’s family, but her brother living beside us in a little camper, well he’s disgusting. I’ve cleaned up so much trash in fear of snakes, but it never seem to make a difference.

But my God’s, it’s almost over! 2 months ago I started working at Burger King with Kristy, and it’s finally almost over!

Today we got to look at our soon to be home, and we are super lucky, the rents a bit more than we wanted to pay, but it includes water, and there is no deposit!

Take a look v.v
(Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, my phone’s camera sucks, and we were rushed for time.)

We will (hopefully we get it.) Be on the second floor, and we’ll have a small shared porch space, 2 bedrooms, little dining room and my favorite part? There’s a coat closet by the door and a utility closet near the bathroom! My least favorite part? The kitchen is small and weird shaped, but I’ll happily make it work.

We hear back on it tomorrow and if the back ground check passes (which it should) we can move in Friday!

Now off to work I go ~Shaunna

Mad Monday Fast Food Foolishness

Hello again 😁 Happy Monday….not.

I start out my Monday morning feeling inspired, Mondays are like, fresh start days right?

By the time I get to work though, My moods already started to drop, and it only goes down from there.

So, Mondays will be for ranting, yay!!

This week’s topic is fast food, and I’d you’ve ever had a burger flipping, public service job like this, then I bet you can relate to most of this rant too.

First, let me just put this out there: No a fast food worker should not make the same as someone working in a nursing home. Why? Well 1. The schooling and training, you need next to none for fast food, while CNA’S bust ass in school. 2. The work is so much harder, in so many ways. However it’s rediculouse that 2 people working full time anywhere, can’t afford a home and car and food.

Anyways, let me start with the store it’s self. I work at Burger King, and the store is very small, it is not meant for alot of customers, there just isn’t enough room from the counter back for the number of employees you need for things to run smoothly.

Now, employees. What the fuck? When going into this sort of job, you would expect the public to be the worst part right? Nope. Lazy teenagers who just wanna stand around, slutty bobble heads that only wanna do what’s fun, and managers that nit pick and help by confusing everyone.

Still, there is always a surprise somewhere from customers, so here’s my top 10 most memorable customers so far, in order starting with the worst.

  1. A woman pulled up to order and said “let me ask you first, does anyone there have Hep a?” It took me a minute to respond “no…” She ordered and moved on, when she got to my window she said (over the guy driving) “you sure no one there has hep a? My pastor said not to go to Wendy’s cause all the homos working there gave everyone hep a.” …Yes people this happened.
  2. The woman who threw a fit and screeched out of my drive thru yelling because we were out of honey mustard.
  3. The man who told me I should be prettier to work with people.
  4. The woman who accused me of trying to poison her because she was lactose intolerant and I got her a cheeseburger…which she ordered.
  5. A man who threw a receipt in my face while working at McDonald’s because he tried to fake a code for a free big Mac on the survey, and he had only 3 numbers.
  6. The couple who always order for each other, then bring their food back cause it’s wrong.
  7. The guy that always pulls up and automatically starts order at 10 something, when I’m cleaning and need a minute to push my button, then has an attitude when I need him to repeat something.
  8. The old man who gets offended when I ask him if he needs salt or ketchup.
  9. The woman who always needs to go to the bathroom right after she orders, causing other employees to call out her number or repeatedly ask me what it is.
  10. The poor guy who had a stroke and talks very slow, he’s a great customer, however the lady who comes with him that rushes him and gets impatient is an absolute biatch.

How do you avoid being a terrible customer? Fallow these…mostly common sense rules.

  1. Don’t be a homophobe in public, you never know the sexual orientation of your server.
  2. Don’t yell.
  3. Don’t be sexist or plain out mean.
  4. Pay attention to what YOU order.
  5. Don’t try to cheat to free food, and don’t throw things.
  6. 6. Don’t assume all fast food workers are just standing around waiting on you to Grace us with your presence, we have other things to do also.
  7. Go to the bathroom before you order?
  8. We see & hear interactions going on beyond our work space, if you wanna keep it private, keep it at home, and don’t think we won’t give you attitude on someone else behalf.

What else?

Just be kind, quick, and considerate, we are human, busy, and here to serve you…weather we want to or not.

Goodbye for now ~Shaunna